The rise of a new breed of evil and betrayal

The rise of a new breed of evil and betrayal

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Movies are constantly at the center of pop-culture with many genres, however, one has collected and maintained a great fan base since it’s development.

Vampires and werewolves, both are prominent in pop-culture. When the two groups clashed in the Twilight films, the reception was massive amongst the teenage population. An up and coming production looks to carry the legacy of vampires and werewolves further.

The production titled “Rise of Evil” will be based on a story of vampires and werewolf clans that meet conflict in betrayal. Filming will begin as soon as the team reaches their budget goal.

“Inspiration is to help bring more action and entertainment to the film industry. Also, to entice the fans of vampires and werewolves out there in the world,” they said.

As stated prior, filming has not yet kicked off for the film. Along with awaiting a budget goal, they are in search of more people for cast and crew.

“As of today, we are looking for more cast and crew. People we can trust, people who are good at writing, people who can put the story together with us as a team,” they said.


As an added bonus to the new addition to vampire and werewolf cinema, plans of a book may follow with production. Follow @ROEMovie on Twitter to keep up to date with the crew. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the UnkindBrotherhood as production unfolds.

To anyone who may be serious about joining the cast or crew for this upcoming production. You may contact them through;
or you can contact the team directly at (Serious professional inquiries only, please.)


The crew is currently aiming to have this film out there by January 4, 2019.

We at UnkindBrotherhood would like to thank the crew of “Rise of Evil” for their time.


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