Mac vs PC – The Age Old Battle

Mac vs PC – The Age Old Battle

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Mac vs PC

The age-old battle between Apple Mac Fans and regular PC users.
Now PC is a bit of an ambiguous term as it stands for Personal Computer, and as a Mac is just another type of PC that would mean it too is a PC. But I digress, PC in terms these days would be referred to as a Computer running either The Windows OS or a Linux OS of any Kernel or Flavour, many of you watching this would disagree with this point and revert-back to my previous statement, which is completely fine, but by popular culture and social definitions or by what you would call Colloquial language… If you passed grade 10 and have half a stick up your ass like myself, Then the Term PC is generally interpreted as such.
Now back to the original topic, what are the major points to getting a Mac over a PC or vice versa, well to accurately begin processing the initial debate we must go back quite some time. So, I’ll start around the early 2000s.


Apple has always portrayed itself as a premium product company, using its flashy mono-chrome colour palette as somewhat a must-have feature for a rich business man or woman that would just sit in their office smoke a cigar or nip at an elegant cup of wine, and moan about how all their money is such a big problem.

Apple Mac vs PC Businessman

Aside from the Aesthetics What was Apple’s best-selling points? Well, AT THE TIME, Yes I emphasise this because at the time it was comparable to the rest of the machines that were available, It just had nice little extras and the Best ability to process spreadsheets and edit Images and Videos. To Put it simply, say you wanted to buy a Car but you wanted the extras like life-time warranty, suicide doors and a working Air-Conditioner. (All of which, cars these days come with as basic but I just wanted to make a point) The Car Itself has no performance increase or value different to the stock vehicle.
After the passing of Steve Jobs However, Apple’s product line performance value has taken a huge hit and only just being marginally the same as a product that you can buy for half to one third of what they are charging people.

Apple’s laptops and Desktops can be heavily beaten these days by a self-built PC or even just a prebuilt from a reputable PC builder such as Origin PC, Puget Systems in the US, or from Australia builders such as LittleComputerPeople or ARC Computers are a great choice also. And these systems would generally go, for a base high end build, one third of the cost of a MacBook Pro which costs about $3500 – $5000 AUD, So why buy a Mac At All These Days, well to truly be honest you shouldn’t buy one from being a PC Repair Technician the cost of getting a Mac. Mac vs future compatibility Is really not worth it unless for some obscene reason you need one, which in most cases you don’t need one but just the need to feel professionally superior to all of your fellow colleagues at your work.

There are problems and always have been problems with the upgradability of an apple device, as of recent Most MacBooks from 2009 running OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or before won’t upgrade to OSX 10.12 or to Lion (10.7) So that you can even try to upgrade to the latest OSX version. This ultimately stops you from being able to upgrade your Itunes so that it is compatible with iOS 10 or the iPhone 5 or above. That is only one of the many issues facing your choice to get a Mac over a PC. Now PC is not perfect either and I am getting to that.

If you were to get the latest MacBook Pro 2015 you’ll be surely pissed when you find out that you have to carry dongles for absolutely everything as it only has two USB type C inputs to carry out your business now for portability and working on the fly this will inevitably annoy you to your wits end.

OK Jolt, you have shat enough on Apple so why should I get a PC?

Well contradictory to what I have just explained if you have the money to waste on a premium product and already have a PC or just want the premium feel and your life is all sorted out then, by all means go buy an iMac or a MacBook it’s your choice. All I want to do with this video Is explain that if you have money and sense of its worth, then you would want to get the most out of it by going for a PC and getting the Specifications that you need along with the compatibility for the foreseeable future.

Now If you want to build your own PC but have no clue where to start go checkout my other videos by using the links in the description or by clicking the little I in the top right. If you want to build one and you know how but you’re afraid you’ll mess up then go to a PC repair or Build Shop and get them to build it for you, I’m sure that if you ask they’ll even show you how to build it while they go.

Ok so now that I have said my peace about Mac and the cost vs value, it’s time to point out some negatives about PC. As you may or may not know about the windows user privacy fiasco, it is really nothing as bad as people are making it out to be, yes they are using users data for profit, selling it to ad companies for a premium and all of that jazz, name one major software tech behemoth that doesn’t do that, and they’ve all been doing it for years and this cycle will keep going around and around just like everything else on the internet and in the world. The only gripe is that if you have no clue on how to turn the data sharing settings off (which you can by the way) you will waste a good while researching and fiddling with things that will make your heart rate increase if you’re not an advanced user. The other problems with using a windows PC is its updates it will shut down and update itself unless you tell it not to, by again going into more advanced things than a regular user would want to do.

Now if you want to have a Mac style usage on a PC you can go into a very advanced setup by creating a Hackintosh which is a PC running a version of OSX or you can go and use a less advanced option and install a Linux kernel such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, Linux Mint, Chrome OS, Steam OS etc. etc. But be warned using a Linux Kernel will just like Mac have less compatibility with hardware in your machine so make sure you know how to use it and know how to use the terminal effectively as that is how most of the software is run on a Linux machine.

For ease of use The Mac OS is simple enough for baby boomers and Generation X pools of users to use effectively.
Windows OS is every beginner to advanced person’s dream.
Linux is for the advanced to extreme user’s playground.
So, with that Advice to take with you when you buy or build your next Computer make sure what you are buying is what you need or what you want most and think to the future and repair ability of the device before buying. I’m DRAGONFABLE517 and I’ll catch you next time see ya.



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