DraStic DS Emulator For Android

DraStic DS Emulator For Android

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DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic, What is this nifty little app might you ask? Well The Drastic DS Emulator Is An Emulator.
An Emulator is something that can virtualize the workings of another device, so that it can run on another more powerful or more portable device.
So what can DraStic do? Well it’s a DS emulator so, by emulating a Nintendo┬« DS, your android device can run DS games.
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How Do I Play Games With It?

Well For you to begin playing games on your android you first need to get a copy of the app which, You Can Do So Here: :Download:
DraStic Download

Or Here: :Download:
DraStic Download


Now That You Have Downloaded And Installed The Emulator

You need to download a ROM, a ROM is used to contain the game files which can be run using the Emulator.
So How Do You Get A ROM? Well you need to go to either our forum and signup for an account to get access to the ROM Section
OR you can risk getting a virus from other not so credible sources.

You Can Get To Our Forum Here: http://www.unkindbrotherhood.com/forum

So You Have The Emulator And A Shiny Neat ROM

Now All You Have To Do Is Launch The Emulator Select “Load New Game” On The Main Screen and It Should Show You Your ROMs
If not Navigate Through The List To Your Downloads Folder And They Will Be There.


Now All You Have To Do Is Sit Back And Enjoy!
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