TweetStats 2017 – MetaruptSoftworks

TweetStats 2017 – MetaruptSoftworks

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TweetStats – 2017

So it’s come time to announce the beta stage of TweetStats – 2017 © MetaruptSoftworks 2017.
MetaruptSoftworks is a Software Development (Sole Trader) Business in Sydney NSW, Managed and Owned By our Co-Founding Partner @Unkindjolt (Me xD). They have provided design, development and maintenance support of our website, apps on Google Play and the Windows Store. All provided free without charge (Because we essentially own it). So this isn’t paid advertisement but rather a review from our beta testers on how well it works for them in this early stage and a brief overview on what this software achieves.




TweetStats is a “Twitter Helper Hub” a program which will simplify using twitter for a business environment. It will automate some of the most re-occurring process that are required to normally be done “by hand”, Such as Retweet Tweets the account is mentioned in, filter tweets to be Retweeted, Post new tweets, keep tabs on follower/audience stats and It Logs all user feed base actions in a Visible log box where you can see: New Retweets, New Followers and What Post Was just added when using the program to tweet. See the Picture Below for what it looks like now:



Beta Tester Statements

  • MrAwezome123 – Video Game Critic, AFK Twitter User: “TweetStats, for what it is right now, Is Pretty Good, can’t wait to see what gets added. In a Business sense this is a perfect software to use, More time to work, and easier to communicate with clients. It offloads a lot of things and frees up more time.”
  • @WeAreGamerBorn (GamerBornClothing over on twitter):
  • DRAGONFABLE517 (Tech and Software, News and Tutorials over on “TweetStats 2017, although in early state does what it is meant to very well, yes there is a lot to Iron out and more features should be added, but it’s only v1.1 beta, there’s a long way to go yet but shouldn’t be long until it’s available on the market for the public to get their hands on”


How To Get Beta Access

You can get beta access by either Messaging @MetaruptSftwrks over on twitter or send an email to
*Not everyone’s enquiries will receive Access*



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