A new way to turn Roman Reigns heel

A new way to turn Roman Reigns heel

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The WWE may have a golden opportunity with turning Roman Reigns heel, will they take it?

This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw ended with The Undertaker choke-slamming Reigns. Laying the foundation for the already rumored to be Undertaker vs. Reigns match at WrestleMania 33. It is no secret that the WWE has been desperately trying to get him over with the crowd as a good guy. But, this is not the way the WWE will want to handle the character going forward. Especially if he is set to defeat Undertaker at WrestleMania.

With the current reception of Reigns, the idea of the WWE proceeding with him as a good guy post-Mania just does not make sense.

The way creative should handle the match is have him go over taker, but not in a clean respectable manner. Have Reigns dominate but find trouble towards the end. Just when it appears Taker will take the match with a tombstone, have Reigns do something absurd without the referee seeing it. (Spoiler– The crowd might actually love it!) After Reigns picks up the victory, have no handshake in the ring, have no such passing of the torch. Just have him walk out with a whole new attitude.

In addition, have this be the end of The Undertaker. Reigns, who is currently only 31 years of age, has the potential to carry the company for a decade. Though many fans are tough on him, he has done more than prove his abilities. However, his difficulty to get over could entirely fade away with a strong heel turn. Defeating the Undertaker and possibly even retiring Taker is the way to do so.

The chance is there for the WWE to take. It is all just a matter of whether or not the creative team capitalizes. This match could determine to the remainder of his career. With the wrong decision, they risk never getting him over.


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