6 ways to gain back battery-life

6 ways to gain back battery-life

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PC Repair Battery Replacement


As we all know over the years or months from the initial purchase, a device that originally had a good battery, is now dying. This can be caused by multiple things in that time frame, such as improper charging methods, for example; leaving the device to charge 24/7 instead of taking it off charge:
There are a few ways that you can gain back control of your battery-life on your device. More often than not, devices such as laptops are the ones that require battery life enhancement.

So here are 6 ways to gain back battery life on your device.


Now I know this is one that is suggested regularly, but that is for good reason. Enabling PowerSaving mode on your system will help reduce the amount of background apps however is not really ideal if you are a gamer.
power saving battery mode


Have you tried turning down the brightness? Well more often than not this helps quite a bit.
brightness battery saver


If you are seeming to always using your internal speakers on the laptop or device try turning down the volume or plugging in some earphones to save some extra battery life.

Lower volume battery saver

“Turn down for what?”


Do you have a nice backlit keyboard? Well on most of them you can turn down or even the entire backlight off for the keyboard using the inbuilt hot keys.
These are generally fn + F6 or fn + F5 to turn the backlight up or down respectively.
turn down backlight battery saver


If you are not using the device much or keep leaving it to go work on something else placing the device into “narcolepsy” mode is always a great power saver.
You can accomplish this by Setting screen turn off time and sleep after settings to one minute in the power plan editor.
Power Plan Battery Saver


And the best way in many cases is to get a new battery installed. If swapping out a battery isn’t a forte of yours, or if you are afraid of making a mistake, head to your local PC repair shop. I highly recommend LittleComputerPeople for residents of Sydney, Melbourne or The Hawkesbury. With a 99% success rate and 10 years experience these guys really know their stuff.
battery replacement
PC Repair Battery Replacement

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